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Bexley Grammar School Sports Tour Spain

Barcelona Sports Tour Report October Half Term 2007

Over the October half term 64 Bexley Grammar Students and staff travelled to Barcelona for a football tour. The tour consisted of 4 teams (3 boys and a girls team) made up from Year 8 and 9 students. Each team played three matches against Spanish opposition and represented the school brilliantly. It was very exciting seeing the teams take part under flood lit pitches that were very well kept, and across the board we managed to get some good results. Perhaps their success was aided by the well organised training sessions that the sixth form helpers created. Students had a local stadium to themselves to train and prepare for the big matches in front of them.

The tour also gave us opportunity to visit the many historical sights around Barcelona, including buildings created by Gaudi, the Olympic Village, and the Olympic Stadium. However I think despite watching Espanyol beat Real Madrid at the Olympic Stadium, I think one of the highlights was the tour around the Nou Camp Stadium home to Barcelona FC. Students got to see the dressing room, press room and commentators box all before going pitch side. This was followed by a tour of the museum where a more could be learnt about the history of the club.

In all the students seemed to have a great time. They experienced the culture of Barcelona, learnt about the history of the buildings within the city and had fun playing competitive football matches.

The tour was a great success, and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of those that were invited. The support from both the students and staff that went was much appreciated.

Tours 4 put together a very enjoyable and fun trip that was suitable to the age range of students that we had going from our school. Local facilities in the town were great meaning that the students could safely enjoy their free time around the shops and restaurants in a nice environment. The allocated accommodation again was right in the centre of town meaning that we had access to decent places to eat and shop and for the students swim.

Excursions and transportation to matches were all arranged before our arrival at the hotel meaning that there was very little for us to do other that to organise and keep control of our students. This all led to a hassle free tour. I think having our own rep was a god send throughout the tour. It takes a lot of stress out of the tour if you have someone to make all of the necessary phone calls / arranging of meet times etc.

The rep fully became part of our tour by coming to watch our teams play and assisting us on excursions which was appreciated by the students. Most impressive was the training session that was organised for us in a fantastic stadium. We had the whole venue to ourselves to do what we like, something that we have never had before, not without the strict rules on how long we were allowed and what we were actually allowed to do on the pitch. The whole experience was very chilled.

In all the tour provided our students with and educational and fun packed experience where they got a mixture of sporting and cultural experiences in many different locations around Barcelona. If we were to run a similar tour in the future, our very relaxed and well planned tour by Tours 4 this year would make us use them again.

Andy Pullen

Head of P.E. and Tour Leader Bexley Grammar School.  

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